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Drex shows off a seven pound bonefish.


Drexel Rolle is a native Exumian who has fished the waters of Exuma all of his life. Drexel has an easygoing style that will make anyone feel welcome on the water. Ask him about anything and you'll pretty much get the same response - "It's all good". Gotta love him!

Drexel is well knowledged in the bonefish flats and he can show you some 'big boys' in areas that not many other guides venture. Trust us on this!

Drex and Alan pose with Angie's bonefish!!.
Drex's advice to anglers - "Whatever you do - Don't let go of the rod!"

He then tells of a story of an angler who hooked into a big bonefish. That fish took off so fast, the reel handle hit the angler's knuckles and knocked the rod right out of his hands. The angler asked Drex, "What do I do??" Drex laughed and said, "Well first thing you do is hold on to the rod!" The rod was recovered but the fish was outta there!

Drex is a fun guy to be with on the water! His wit and charm makes for a great day!

Drex's boat is a 17-foot Boston Whaler with a center console. It's a real treat to see him pole while standing on the console!

Drex has a commanding view from his

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