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"Most bonefish must die from ulcers. They feed and swim in a constant state of alarm."
         Lefty Kreh - Fly Fishing in Salt Water

Exuma Bonefish Guide Association - Garth, JJ and Reno - photo by Steve Krystyniak

Garth puts Angie on another Exuma bonefish !! Bonefish flats surround Great Exuma. Most are separated from the island by a channel so you need a guide to get to the prime flats and mangrove creeks.

If you are seriously addicted and want to exchange adrenaline with an Exuma bonefish, feeling his heartbeat in your fingers as he feels your pressure, let us guide you.

If your addiction burns so deeply you must book immediately, or you are just curious and want more details, use our booking form for the fastest response.


$80/day deposit to confirm dates
Two anglers per boat
Cooler with ice provided
Anglers provide own gear
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Garth Thompson - Exuma Bonefish Guide

Garth Thompson

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Reno Rolle - Exuma Bonefish Guide

Reno Rolle

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Drexel Rolle - Exuma Bonefish Guide

Drex Rolle

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Trevor Bethel - Exuma Bonefish Guide

Trevor Bethel

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Exuma Bonefish Guide Association - Garth on the flats