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"Counted, the Exuma cays number 365 - or as Exumians say, an Exuma for every day of the year. The water is so clear the islands appear to be floating on it and because it is the color of rare jewels - jade, sapphire, amethyst and emerald - the shifting sunlight mixes and changes the sea into amazing combinations of light and shadow."
         Aileen Vincent-Barwood - This Sweet Place


How many bonefish are there on those flats?

Bonefish are available throughout the Bahamas and there are more islands that the average fly fisher can possibly discover. Each island has it's own personality, mostly flavored by the attitudes of the residents. You will find that Great Exuma has an inviting, warm, comfortable flavor and the Exumians will welcome you back again and again.

George Town, Great Exuma is an hour and a half flight from Miami. You can obtain direct flights out of Miami via American Eagle.

Great Exuma is approximately 2 miles wide by 36 miles long. The Queens Highway is the backbone of the island, running tip to tip. George Town is at the center of the island protected by Stocking Island and forming one of the prettiest large harbors in the Bahamas.

The southern bonefish flats are protected from winter cold fronts and offer a cool trade breeze when the sun rises above the equator. It is certainly not the only place to find the elusive bone around Great Exuma, but these renown flats: Airport, Rolletown, White Bay, Channel Cut and Bonefish, are almost a sure bet for any angler guided by a recommended local guide.

Bonefish Flats