This is


You have reached a place . . .
Exuma bonefish with a Bunny Bitter from Fish-Eze Custom Flies & Jigs -     where you can come to remind yourself that escape is still a possibility
    where you can refresh precious images in your mind
    where you are welcomed home even though you may be an infrequent visitor . . .

    If you have known the thrill of the bonefish; felt its power at the end your fly line a hundred yards distant . . . felt its soul; then you are welcome here.
    . . . and if not, yet are driven to someday, somehow make the special connection, we welcome you as well for we are equally addicted.

    We offer this place to invite you, to encourage you, even to entice you wade the flats and fish the nearly invisible waters of Exuma for the elusive gray ghost.

T h e     E x u m a     B o n e f i s h     G u i d e s     A s s o c i a t i o n Exuma Bonefish Flats

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"The sleek silver shadow streaks across the pale sand, slicing a path through the thin water as the bonefish tries to escape toward the open sea. Fly line spurts out through the rod guides and rips a jagged, turquoise scar across the placid face of a tropical flat. You raise your rod as high as you can. Your arms stretch upward to hold the line clear of the coral heads, and you bear down hard on the rod grip. You think that if you can only tighten your fingers around the cork a little more, it will slow the fish. You squeeze harder, and it is then that you sense the vibrations from the tail pulses of the frenzied fish. - they feel like tiny heartbeats in your hand."

         Dick Brown: Fly Fishing for Bonefish