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Better carry everything you need with you.  The closest tackle shop is a long way away.


Guides do not normally provide equipment. Unless otherwise arranged, you should bring everything you need to the boat.
We have created a printable CHECKLIST to help you insure that all the essentials are included in your packing.


If you are traveling to the Bahamas from the U.S., you must have a passport.
As of Jan, 2007, if you are traveling by air to the Bahamas you will need a passport to re-enter the US. No longer will a birth certificate and driver's license suffice.

For entry requirements and travel information, please refer to Bahamas Travel Tips.
Remember - Don't spend ALL your cash while in Exuma. You must have $15 per person for departure tax. (Children under the age of six are exempt from this tax.)

American currency is accepted everywhere and the exchange rate is the same.


We've added a Flies page to the site to show the favorite flies of Exuma bonefish. Also included are a couple of fly tying recipes - including the recipe for Angie's Bunny Bitter.

The size of bonefish can vary greatly in Exuma. You could encounter large quantities of schoolie bonefish or you may encounter double-digit bones. On average, you'll be faced with 3 - 6 pound bonefish.

Fly Rods - 7 and 8 wt rods should handle most bonefish of Exuma. A 9wt could come in good use should the winds pick up. Also, a 9 or 10 wt rod should be included if you plan to fish for the elusive permit.

Fly Reels - Have at lease 200 yards of backing on your fly reels. Make sure that your reel has a good drag system. If you've never caught a bonefish before, you'll know why this is important as soon as you hook your first Exuma bonefish.

Flies - Primarily sizes 4 and 6 hooks should be used for these bonefish. Gotcha and Crazy Charlie patterns are always a good bet. Light colored bodies to match the color of the sand are the best on the flats of Exuma. Bring a variety of weights - from weightless to beadchain eyes to lead eyes. This will cover all tidal conditions that you may encounter. Check out our Fly page to see samples of flies that we use on the island.

Leaders & Tippets - Bring several 9 ft leaders -Tapered leaders to 8 lb.

Fly Line - It's always a safe bet to bring an extra fly line. Accidents can happen. We've seen needle fish get tangled in a line and slice it in half!


Spin Rod - If you plan to bring a spin rod for bonefish, 8 - 10 lb test line and a reel with a good drag system are needed. A light action rod will do well in casting light weight bait or jigs to the bonefish.

Hooks - Bring some small bare hooks and small lead weights for baitfishing. If you can, bring frozen shrimp with you. Shrimp are usually hard to obtain frozen shrimp on the island and the bonefish enjoy the treat!

Jigs - It's also good to have some small white bucktail jigs. Capt. Hank Brown's 1/8 oz HookUp Jigs are a good example of a good bonefish jig. Tip this with a small piece of shrimp or conch and the bonefish can't resist!


Booties - The white sand flats of Exuma are a pleasure to wade. Bring booties to ensure foot protection while wading.

Wading Belt - When you get off the boat to wade one of the huge flats of Exuma, it may be hours before you return to the boat. Be sure to bring a wading belt to carry your flies, leaders, clippers and a water bottle.

Sunscreen & Lip Balm - SPF 30 or higher. The sun in Exuma reflecting off the flats can burn quickly.

Tools - Pliers, hemostats, knot tying tool, snips, hook sharpener

Raingear - Be prepared and pack light raingear. You never know when a quick shower might pop up.

Sunglasses - Polarized sunglasses are the only way that you're going to spot the gray ghost. Good quality sunglasses are well worth their cost. Amber lenses are the best for these flats.

Hat - A billed hat to take the glare of the sun off of your eyes will help in spotting bonefish.

Camera - Capture your bonefish memories on film. Bring plenty of film and check for fresh batteries. Send your pictures to us to be included in our Bonefish Gallery.

Alarm Clock - Some resorts don't include alarm clocks in their rooms. You may need this to get yourself up in time to meet the guide!

We have created a printable CHECKLIST to help you insure that all the essentials are included in your packing. (Please see our article on Traveling With Fly Rods for information on carry-on items as the result of 9/11)