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Fish-eze Custom Tied Flies & Jigs
We have fished the crystal clear waters of Exuma for many years and we have listened closely to the fly recommendations of our guides. Through our experience, these are the flies that we use and that work the best for us.

We would like to share this information with you so that you will enjoy the same exciting success on the flats of Exuma.

Color - When you tie your flies, keep in mind that the color of the fly should match the color of the flat's bottom. If you're fishing on the pristine sand flats of Exuma, you'll want to use an off white color for your fly material. We like to use a very light tan kip or calf tail for the body and also a light ginger colored bunny fur for extra movement on some flies.

Size - Hook sizes #6 & #4 are the most used sizes - although we usually bring some # 8's in case the bonefish are exceptionally spooky.

Weights - Bring a variety of weights for the varying tides. You'll want to use weightless or lightly weighted beadchain eyes for the skinniest of flats. Likewise, you'll want to have some flies with large beadchain eyes or even some with lead eyes for when the tide is high. At this point, you'll be fishing from the boat and will need to get the fly down to the bonefish as quickly as possible.

The main rule is to have a substantial supply of the basic flies but have some variety in your fly box….just in case. If the tides are too high, your guide may take you into the creeks to fish. Here, you may encounter rocky or grassy bottom. In these locations, you may want a fly with tan or olive - even chartreuse! Be sure to take some weightless flies for these areas to keep you fly from catching on the bottom.


- You need to have the old reliable Gotcha in you arsenal. If you ask your guide to pick a fly from your box, time and time again, he will pick out the Gotcha. It's a all time favorite. The bonefish love them!

Recipe - Gotcha Fly
Hook - Mustad Signature Big Game Light 4 - 8
Thread - pink or white
Tail - pearl medium mylar tubing, core removed
Body - pearl poly-flash braided mylar
Wing - lt. beige craft fur toped with several strands of pearl krystal flash. (bunny fur or kip tail also recommended as wing material)

Angie's Bunny Bitter - The Bunny Bitter is Angie's personal design.

Bunny Bitter "One day while standing on the white sand flats, I noticed a tiny white crab scurry across my foot. If it hadn't been for the contrast in color of him against my foot, I might have never seen him. He blended perfectly with his environment. After this, I strived to produce a fly that best imitated these tiny crabs. I came up with the Bunny Bitter. The color of the ginger bunny fur matches the color of the sand flats while the fur and rubber legs provide lots of action in the water. We always carry and use lots of these flies when fishing for Bonefish."

Recipe - Angie's Bunny Bitter
Hook - Mustad Signature - Big Game Light - Size 6 or 4
Thread - white thread
Eyes - small to medium beadchain
Legs - 3 strands of rubber legs - clear with specks of red and black
Body - Light ginger or lt. tan bunny fur - topped with 2 stands of krystal flash. Placed and tied behind hook eye.
Epoxy - finish head with 5 minute epoxy - creating a slightly rounded head. This adds weight to the front for a more 'crab-like' motion.

Box of bonefish flys